Photography Entries


Class 81

1. Contestants may enter one (1) photo in each of the categories.
2. Size: 5 x 7 minimum, including matting and 14 x 16 maximum, including matting
3. Entries MUST be labeled with a 3×5 card with Name, Address, Phone Number, Division, & Category and affixed to the back of each entry with information neatly printed or typed. Also include a brief caption about the location or situation.
4. There shall be NO GLASS COVERINGS on any entry. Plastic covering is acceptable.
5. There shall be NO FRAMING (wood, metal, plastic) on any entry.
6. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE MATTED. It is highly suggested that all photos are backed in cardboard to prevent possible damage to the photo paper during display.
7. Back of each photo must have an arrow drawn indicating the top of the photo.
8. Photos submitted cannot have been previously entered at the Montgomery Co. 4-H Fair.
9. Only amateurs are eligible (earn less than 1/3 of their yearly income through photography).
81A Portrait/personality — A picture of a person (not a pet) that captures an aspect of the subject’s character
A. Color
B. Black & White
81B Domestic animals — House pets and farm animals
A. Color
B. Black & White
NATURE — plants, animals (not domestic), and insects. (No people)
81C Flora – plants
A. Color
B. Black & White
81D Fauna – animals/insects
A. Color
B. Black & White
81E Scenic – Vistas, landscapes, seascapes, snow scenes, bridges, parks, mountains, farmland, etc. (A person or animal is allowed in the picture as long as it is not the focal point.)
A. Color
B. Black & White
81F Feature – Human interest picture – a fresh view of the commonplace; events such as sports, parades, or celebrations
A. Color
B. Black & White
81G Still Life (Inanimate objects):
A. Color
B. Black & White
81H Altered Images – Any photograph you have manipulated for artistic purposes by applying digital or traditional special effects. In addition, entries must also include a 4”x6” photograph of the starting image(s) and a written description of the techniques used to produce that final image. Only the final image must be matted and of proper size.
B. Other
Class 82 Scrapbooking
All entries must be two-page layout in plastic sleeves. Do not bring entire scrapbook. Entries must adhere to the theme listed for each division.
A. Travel
B. Event
C. Family
D. Other
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