Other Home Garden Project Entries


Class 64 — Houseplants – Exhibit a mature houseplant that you have maintained in the past year.
Class 65 — Herbs – Fresh herbs only, not dried. Exhibit in a jar or vase of water, 3-5 stems per type of herb for judging. Judging based on appearance, aroma and freshness. One ribbon per specimen awarded.
Class 66 — Largest tomato (by weight)
Class 67 — Largest zucchini (by size)
Class 68 — Largest sunflower (by flower diameter)
Class 69 — Largest weed (by height)
Class 70 — Best vegetable critter creation – using two or more vegetables
Class 71 — Best vegetable celebrity creation – using one or more vegetables
Class 72 — Apiary Products:
A. Extracted honey
B. Comb honey
C. Beeswax candles
D. Beeswax items
Classes 73, 74 and 75 will be judged on container size (proper proportion for plant material used), plant material (free from bruises, dirt, wilting, spray residue and pests), symmetry/design (proper balance and planning shown for type of plants used plus, imagination and creativity), color/texture (an important factor for overall aesthetics of display) and proper drainage.
Class 73 — Window box – Size: 12″x48″ rectangular box
A. Flowers only
B. Herbs only
Class 74 — Flowers in Creative Containers – size is open to your imagination (within reason!)
Use your imagination because plants can grow in all kinds of places and things!
Use any type of plant material.
Class 75 — Vegetables in Creative Containers – same as class 74, but just use vegetables.
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