Homemade Food Entries

HOMEMADE FOODS – Rules for entries
1. Use standard quart or pint glass canning jars for exhibiting fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables not in standard jars will be disqualified. Use pint jars for dried products. For jelly, use half-pint jars with two piece canning lids. Jars that are sealed with wax or other type of covers will not be entered or judged. Only two-piece canning lids will be accepted on any canned product.
2. Since green glass jars do not show the exhibit to advantage, food will not be accepted unless canned in non-colored, clear glass jars.
3. Canned foods will be eliminated from competition if the liquid is lower than 2 inches from the top of the jar.
4. The judges will disqualify any jars which appear to them to have artificial coloring or preservatives added.
5. Each canned food entry should have a label listing the name of the product, the canning process used, and the processing time. Any product not following PSU/USDA recommended processes and times will not be judged.
6. Wrap baked products individually in plastic or foil to retain freshness until time of judging. No commercial mixes are to be used. Baked goods may be picked up August 10th after 1 pm, a photograph of the baked product will be displayed for the duration of the fair.
To be judged on Quality (clarity of liquid, quality of material), General Appearance (uniformity of product, color, arrangement in jar) and Container (jars of clear glass, uniform, clean, suitably labeled, new covers).
Class 1 — Canned Fruit
Class 2 — Canned Vegetables
Class 3 — Pickles
To be judged on Quality (quality of material), General Appearance (uniformity of product, color) and Container (jar clean, suitably labeled, new cover).
Class 4 — Dried Fruit
Class 5Dried Vegetables (including herbs)
To be judged on Flavor, Appearance (color and clearness), Consistency and Texture, and Container (glass jar clean and suitably labeled, covered).
Class 6 — Jellies and Preserves (no freezer jam)
A. Jam
B. Jelly
C. Preserves
D. Other
Class 7 — Breads or Rolls
Each exhibit to consist of one rectangular loaf of bread, six rolls, or six muffins. To be judged on Flavor and odor, Lightness, General Appearance (size, shape, crust, color), Crumb (grain, moisture, color).
Class 8 — Cake (iced or plain)
Each exhibit to consist of one cake; to be judged on Flavor, Lightness, General Appearance (color, shape), and Texture (grain and moisture). Icing to be judged on Flavor, General Appearance (thickness, finish), and Consistency. Decoration will not be judged. No cream filling or frosting should be entered.
Class 9 — Pies (one pie, to be judged on flavor, texture, flakiness of crust, and appearance)
Class 10 — Cookies and Brownies
Each exhibit to consist of six cookies or brownies. To be judged on Flavor, Appearance and Texture.